Discover Vegan Food Near Me

Why HowVeg

HowVeg is created by Chris who is Vegan. He likes to go to restaurants to eat with friends, but as a vegan, he always has to spend a lot of time looking for vegan-friendly restaurants and vegan dishes. Therefore, he wanted to design an app that vegans can quickly find nearby vegan-friendly restaurants. Thus, we have HowVeg!

On HowVeg, not only can you swiftly locate nearby vegan-friendly restaurants, but you can also easily identify food substitutions and even create your own vegan dishes.

Furthermore, with HowVeg, you can provide valuable feedback to restaurants to help them become more environmentally friendly.

Let's join HowVeg and explore more vegan-friendly restaurants and dishes!

For Vegans

  • Quickly locate nearby vegan-friendly restaurants.
  • Explore various types of vegan food and categories.
  • Add your own vegan restaurant dishes.
  • Contribute your city's data to the app.
  • Effortlessly contact restaurants or visit their websites to request information or place orders.
  • Get a clear overview of substitutions used in foods.
  • Leave your feedback in the comments section.

For Restaurants

  • Quick sign-up process.
  • Manage multiple locations within one app.
  • Enable customers to easily view food substitutions.
  • Cagegorize Vegan types and food types effectively.
  • Father valuable feedback from customers via the app.
  • Establish connections with customers.